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[fic] hold me down

joonmyun/kyungsoo // nc-17 // 3,700+ words.

kyungsoo had always been a very clean person. cleaning the dorm one day, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and now he has to pay for it.

for diana because she asked for this so nicely (^▽^)

Kyungsoo didn’t mean to do it, it just… happened. He had been fluttering around the dorm, cleaning up and tidying bedrooms just for something to do and to pass the time while the others were out shopping and doing only God knows what, when he had gotten to Joonmyun and Sehun’s room. Even though he had only given the dorm a total clean over a couple of days beforehand, 12 boys living in the same space was bound to turn the place upside down even in a couple of days. And plus, he was bored and he actually enjoyed cleaning funnily enough.

As he walked through the door, the sight that greeted him didn’t even shock him anymore, because this was the same scene that he met when he opened all of the fucking bedroom doors in the dorm. As expected, Sehun’s side of the room was in total anarchy: bed covers on the floor (and not on the bed where they should have fucking been), clothes strewn about everywhere and stuffed in places that were anywhere but the wardrobe or the washing basket.

Kyungsoo sighed and began picking up the haphazardly thrown pieces of clothing with caution, because knowing Sehun (and all of the things he undoubtedly got up to); they were probably soiled with a lot more fluids than just his own sweat. He made a face and began throwing all of the clothing, regardless if they were ‘clean’ or not, into the washing basket to be sterilised, because there was no way in Hell that he was washing his own clothes mixed in with the maknae's; he would rather gurgle acid than do so.

Kyungsoo had always been a very clean person, even when he was a child. He hated getting dirty and would rather play inside by himself than outside in the dirt like his friends did. He had no idea how he managed to settle into this kind of lifestyle, where he was sharing a dorm with 11 messy boys who never cleaned up after themselves. Kyungsoo never really minded cleaning up after them, though. Cleaning calmed him and made him feel more relaxed in his surroundings; even if it meant getting down on his hands and knees and scrubbing the floor every other day when Lu Han and Minseok had come back inside from playing football and had left muddy footprints everywhere. As long as the place was clean, then he was happy; no matter how many times he had nearly burst a blood vessel after unclogging the shower drain from the copious amounts of different coloured hair that was clogging it.

The only other person that was as clean as him was Joonmyun. Kyungsoo swivelled around to look at the leader’s half of the room, and, predictably, it was immaculate. Kyungsoo could have sworn that it was actually shining with how clean it was. He was thankful that at least one of the other members could appreciate cleanliness; he’d have to remember to ask Joonmyun whether the others messy habits pissed him off as much as it did him.

He quickly finished cleaning up Sehun’s half of the room after smelling the bedsheets and gagging when he inhaled the most foul smell he had ever come across, and promptly stripped the bed and stuffed the sheets into the washing basket to be incinerated at a later date. He huffed and heaved the now full washing basket into the kitchen, and was about to begin loading up the washing machine when the thought struck him that Joonmyun might have some dirty washing of his own. Kyungsoo may not have liked washing his own clothes with Sehun’s, but he had no qualms about shoving the other members’ clothes in with the brat’s; it was kind of a payback for leaving all the fucking mess for him to clean up, anyway.

He wandered back into the bedroom and apprehensively started mooching around Joonmyun’s side, because even though the leader was very kind and was kind of a pushover, he was awfully territorial of his living space and would blow up at whoever messed with his stuff. The thought hit Kyungsoo that Joonmyun would be mad at him for looking around his room without his permission, but then he decided that he would never have to know and would thank Kyungsoo for cleaning his dirty washing for him. As he was rooting around underneath the bed, he failed to notice the front door to the dorm opening and then closing softly a second later.


Startled, Kyungsoo yelped and shot up, smacking his head on the underside of the bed and crawled out, rubbing his head and feeling his face flush with embarrassment.

“What were you doing underneath my bed?”

Kyungsoo’s eyes widened marginally as he looked up and was met with the harsh gaze of Joonmyun, who had his brow furrowed and didn’t look happy in the slightest.

“I was just looking for dirty washing,” The smaller male began, standing up and still rubbing his sore head. “I was just about to put a wash on and figured that you might have had some.”

Joonmyun folded his arms across his chest and looked at the younger sternly, his mouth quirked up in a snarl.

“You know I don’t fucking like anyone digging through my stuff, Kyungsoo.” He spat.

Kyungsoo flinched slightly at the swearing (it was a rare occurrence to hear the leader swear, but it still unsettled him nonetheless) and looked up at the older male with pleading eyes.

“I’m really sorry, hyung! I wasn’t digging through your stuff, I swear. I was just looking for dirty clothes!” Kyungsoo whined, starting to feel anxious with the horrible look that Joonmyun was giving him.

Joonmyun considered the younger male for a moment, before smiling completely out of place and going over to his bed, sitting down on the edge of it.

“Okay, Kyungsoo. I believe you. You still know that you shouldn’t be in here without my say-so, though.” The older male sing-songed, the beginnings of a smirk on his face. “What are you going to do to make it up to me?”

Kyungsoo was struck dumb at that. Joonmyun was acting strange and frankly, it scared him. Normally the leader would just shout until the other person was quaking and had tears in their eyes, and then he would forgive them and they’d hug it out and then all would be well again. Even though Joonmyun was quite small and had a kind face, he could be ruthless and terrifying when he wanted to be.

“I—I don’t know, hyung. What do you want me to do?” Kyungsoo asked shakily.

“Why don’t you shut the door first, and then come over here and I’ll show you?” Joonmyun was outright grinning now, looking like the cat that had got the cream.

Kyungsoo nodded and quickly shut the door before making his way over to the leader, his body thrumming with dread and what weirdly felt like anticipation. Kyungsoo didn’t bother thinking about what that meant. He stood in front of the older man and eyed him warily, wondering what was going to happen. Was he going to hit him? Punch him? God, he hoped not. He would just burst into tears if the normally kind and caring leader did that to him. He’d never be able to look at him in the eye again.

“Lie down across my lap, Kyungsoo.”

“Lie down across your—lap? Excuse me?” The younger male squeaked.

“You heard me. I won’t ask you again.” Joonmyun said gently, his words dripping with authority that had Kyungsoo’s legs wobbling and had his breath catching in his throat.

He slowly bent down and lay across Joonmyun’s legs, his ass up in the air and his legs dangling behind him. He felt the embarrassment creeping up on him and he just wanted to bury his face into his hands and cry. Joonmyun hummed softly and slowly started to caress Kyungsoo’s ass cheeks, which made the younger male jolt and caused him to nearly fall off the elder’s knee.

“H-hyung! What are you doing?!” Kyungsoo gasped, his ass tingling from where Joonmyun’s hands were still massaging him.

“Shh. I’m just going to show you what happens when you disobey an order from your leader.” Joonmyun said simply, as if he were talking about their schedules or what they were having for dinner that night.

He quickly pulled down Kyungsoo’s sweat pants and boxers in one go so that milky white skin was revealed to him. He hummed again and pinched one of the cheeks swiftly, which had Kyungsoo squeaking loudly like an injured animal. Joonmyun laughed gently and stroked the quickly reddening area, soothing it with the tips of his fingers.

Kyungsoo was shaking; he had no idea what was going on. He wondered if someone had replaced their leader with this copy of him, because there was no way that this was their Joonmyun who was currently stroking his ass as if it was the most normal occurrence in the world. Whatever he was expecting to ensue, it still made him jump when it happened.

Joonmyun lifted his hand up and then brought it back down quickly and smacked the younger’s ass firmly. Kyungsoo jerked upwards and gasped; his skin stinging and a red hand print already starting to form. Joonmyun hadn’t even hit him that hard, but he knew that the elder was just getting started with him.

Joonmyun let his fingers dance across the reddened area lightly; soothing the sting and making Kyungsoo’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head. Shit. That felt good.

The next smack pulled a quiet groan from Kyungsoo’s lips, which he regretted as soon as it happened.

“Oh, you like that?” Joonmyun murmured, stroking the rapidly blushing skin.

Kyungsoo just kept his mouth shut; he didn’t trust himself to say anything that he might regret later. Joonmyun didn’t seem to appreciate his lack of an answer. He brought his hand down one, two, three times on the inflamed flesh, making Kyungsoo moan deeply and hang his head in humiliation.

“Answer me. Do you like this?” Joonmyun purred, punctuating his words with another hard smack.

Kyungsoo gasped and nodded his head vigorously, “Yeah, oh yeah, I like it.”

The elder chuckled and brought his hand down again, even harder this time.

“Hyung,” Kyungsoo panted, his rapidly hardening cock getting trapped between his stomach and Joonmyun’s legs. He shifted about, trying to make it less uncomfortable and praying that the leader wouldn’t notice. That was until he felt Joonmyun’s dick pressing into his hip, and oh God was he hard.

“Hyung,” Kyungsoo groaned, thrusting his hips into Joonmyun’s legs and trying to gain friction against his swelling cock.

Joonmyun didn’t say anything, just brought his hand down one, two, three times again, before stroking the swollen skin softly and carefully, as if he were petting a newborn kitten. The stark contrast between Joonmyun’s hard smacks and soft caresses had Kyungsoo’s mind reeling; he could feel pre-come leaking from the head of his dick and at this point in time all he wanted was for the elder to flip him over and finish him off and put him out of his misery. He didn’t realise he was grinding down onto the leader’s legs until hands gripped his hips and effectively stopped him.

“Hyung, please.” Kyungsoo whined, trying to grind down again but was held firmly in place.

“This is a punishment, remember? You’re going to do as I say, and then, maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you come.” Joonmyun purred into his ear, making him shudder and gasp.

He laughed softly and began his onslaught of hard and fast smacks and strokes, alternating between cheeks so that he didn’t hurt the younger male too much. Soft mewls and whines soon filled the room, and, depending on how hard the leader would hit, loud moans and gasps also spilt from the smaller male’s lips.

“You’re so cute, Kyungsoo,” Joonmyun whispered, leaning down to speak into Kyungsoo’s sensitive ears. “I don’t want cute, though. I want to make you fucking scream. I want you to scream my name so that the whole building knows that I’m making you feel like this.”

Kyungsoo moaned loudly and nodded, wiggling his hips and trying to get the pressure off of his aching cock. Joonmyun suddenly hoisted him up and threw him back on the bed. Kyungsoo, shocked from the change of position, could only lay there while the leader pulled his shirt and pants and boxers off and threw them across the room. Joonmyun quickly got rid of his own clothing before crawling onto the bed and up Kyungsoo’s body, making the smaller man shiver and clutch at the elder’s shoulders weakly.

“Please, hyung, I need it.” Kyungsoo groaned as Joonmyun grinded down onto his throbbing length.

“All in due time, Soo.” Joonmyun panted, peppering soft kisses up and down the expanse of the younger male’s smooth neck.

Kyungsoo swallowed and wrapped his arms around the elder’s neck, mewling every time he kissed a particularly sensitive spot. Joonmyun then pulled away and opened his bedside drawer, digging around for a moment before pulling out a small tube of lubricant.

“Turn around, lie on your stomach.” He ordered.

Kyungsoo quickly flipped himself over and gasped at the feeling of the cool cotton sheets against his burning hot cock. Joonmyun moaned deeply as he caught sight of red raw cheeks, bruises already starting to form on the blushing skin. He took a hold of Kyungsoo’s hips and lifted him up so he was kneeling with his face pressed against the bed.

“Fuck, you look so hot like this.” Joonmyun rasped, running his hands up and down the length of Kyungsoo’s back.

“Hyung, please.” Kyungsoo whimpered, pushing his ass back against Joonmyun’s leaking cock.

The elder swore under his breath and quickly squeezed some of the clear gel onto his fingers and coated them thoroughly. When Kyungsoo felt the first cold, wet digit press against his entrance, he jumped and balled up the bedcovers in his fists.

“Shh,” Joonmyun soothed, pushing his index finger in up to the first knuckle. “It’ll feel good really soon.”

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and whined, pushing back against the digit until it was all the way in, way too far gone for playing around and just wanting to feel Joonmyun’s hard cock pounding him into the mattress.

“Joonmyun, more. I’m not made of fucking glass. More.” Kyungsoo gritted out, grinding back against the finger inside him.

“If you say so.” Joonmyun mumbled before plunging another finger into the tight, wet heat, and then another not even a second later.

Kyungsoo cried out and grasped the bed covers, pushing back against the long digits thrusting in and out of him. “Fuck, hyung, it feels so good.” He whined, grinding his ass backwards into Joonmyun’s thrusts.

Joonmyun stilled for a second, before leaning over the smaller male and muttering in his ear, “This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, is it?”

“What do you think?” Kyungsoo grinned, before choking and screwing his eyes shut when the fingers pressed against that spongy bit of tissue inside him that made him see stars.

“Fuck! Right there, right there!” He cried, lifting himself up onto his elbows and grinding back.

Joonmyun gave a throaty moan and suddenly ripped his fingers from Kyungsoo’s body, grabbing hold of the lube and squirting some onto his hand before lathering it over his cock, gasping at the coldness. Not even caring if he had done the job properly, he held his length at the base and prodded against Kyungsoo’s hole with the blunt head of his dick, running it up and down the cleft of his ass. Kyungsoo whined and pushed his hips back, trying to impale himself on Joonmyun’s dick, and Joonmyun, not one to say no to anything, really, pushed past the tight ring of muscle and kept going until he was balls deep inside the smaller man underneath him.

“Fuck, Soo. So tight.” Joonmyun growled, pulling out and thrusting back in shallowly, gasping at the sensation of the tight muscles around him.

“More.” Kyungsoo keened loudly, burying his face in his arms.

“Your wish is my command.” The elder ground out, before pulling out so that just the tip was left inside, and then slamming back in as hard as he could, nearly sending Kyungsoo flying into the headboard.

Kyungsoo downright screeched, scrambling for purchase on the sheets, his eyes wide and lust-blown. Joonmyun was relentless, pounding in and out of the smaller man without end in sight. He changed the angle of his thrusting just a bit and Kyungsoo jolted forward, eyes closed tight and mouth open in a silent scream, back arching and body trembling.

“Joonmyun—oh my God Joonmyun.” He moaned feverishly, pushing his hips backwards, trying to get closer closer closer to the older male.

Every slap of Joonmyun’s pelvis against Kyungsoo’s ass had him whimpering, his cheeks red raw and bruised and God it turned him on so much that Joonmyun had done that to him. Their caring and wonderful leader had bent him over his knee and had spanked him until he nearly came. The thought went straight to his dick and made it twitch, leaking pre-come profusely and dripping all over the sheets. He felt like he was going to fucking explode; every stab of Joonmyun’s dick against his prostate sent him racing closer towards the finish line, eyes rolling back in his head and mouth hanging open, panting loud and dirty.

Joonmyun leant down and pressed his sweaty forehead against Kyungsoo’s back, driving into that sweet spot over and over and over again, Kyungsoo’s walls clamping down so hard on his dick that he felt like he was going to shatter into a thousand tiny pieces.

He reached around Kyungsoo’s torso and pulled him backwards against him, sitting back on his heels so that the smaller male was sitting on his knee. Holding him tightly against him by the hips, he sought out Kyungsoo’s mouth with his own for the first time as the younger male turned his head to his and their lips met in a hot, wet kiss. Joonmyun began to thrust up into the smaller male and Kyungsoo broke the kiss to gasp, reaching backwards to link his arms around the elder’s neck and leaning back against him. It was hot and intimate and Joonmyun loved the feeling of Kyungsoo’s body sliding against his own; loved the feeling of Kyungsoo bouncing in his lap and the little mewling and whining sounds that he made with every push into him.

Joonmyun lifted Kyungsoo off of him and flipped him over, pressing him back into the sheets and entering him again in one swift motion. Kyungsoo cried out and threw his arms around Joonmyun’s neck, pressing his face into his neck and leaving open-mouth kisses, moaning hot and feverish into the elder’s ear.

“Say my name, let the whole building know that I’m the one fucking you.” Joonmyun snarled, pistoning into Kyungsoo’s body hard and fast.

Kyungsoo sobbed against the elder’s shoulder and pulled back, screaming Joonmyun’s name and obscenities like a mantra (“Joonmyun, Joonmyun, Joonmyun, fuck, Joonmyun!”); gazing at him with hooded eyes, fighting to keep them open.

Joonmyun was close. So fucking close. He knew that Kyungsoo was just as close as he was, with the way his chest was heaving and his nails were digging into his shoulders harder and harder with each assault on his battered prostate. Joonmyun reached between them and gripped the younger male’s leaking cock in his hand hard, pumping him fast in time with his thrusts as best as he could.

“Come for me,” Joonmyun groaned.

Kyungsoo let out a high-pitched yell of Joonmyun’s name and a couple of thrusts later, throwing his head back into the pillow, he exploded and hot, white ribbons painted his stomach and chest, his body quaking from the intensity of his orgasm.

Joonmyun moaned deeply, hanging his head and pounding into Kyungsoo a few more times before releasing inside of him, gritting his teeth and squeezing the smaller male’s hips almost to the point of bruising. Kyungsoo groaned quietly at the feeling of the older male filling him up and pulled at his sweaty, matted hair, earning him a grunt.

Joonmyun sighed and pulled out slowly, before settling into the bed next to Kyungsoo and pulling him into him.

“Fuck, hyung, I hope you don’t do that to everyone who touches your stuff.” Kyungsoo said disbelievingly, turning to face the older male with wide eyes.

The elder laughed and just pulled Kyungsoo closer to him, “Ah, well, you never know, do you? I could have fucked all the other members senseless and you were the last one.”

“Yeah, okay, as if you could top Kris.” The younger male snorted, looking at the elder doubtfully.

Joonmyun just pulled a face and smacked the smaller male lightly on the back of the head.

“What was that for? Don’t you think you’ve hit me enough today?” Kyungsoo pouted.

“That was for not respecting your hyung. And I could totally top Kris! What are you talking about? Why couldn’t I?”

“Nothing, hyung, just forget about it.” Kyungsoo smiled, nuzzling into the older man’s chest.

“You traitor.” Joonmyun sniffed, wrapping his arms around the smaller body in front of him.

“Mmm, and anyway, if that’s the ‘punishment’ I get when I come into your room, I think I’m going to do it a lot more often.” Kyungsoo grinned.

“Oh, just you wait and see what I’m going to do to you next time.”

Kyungsoo then found himself looking forward to cleaning Joonmyun’s room a lot more often in the future, even if it meant picking up after Sehun and his nasty ass.

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